Edgecam Version 11.75 - May 2007

Time savings of up to 50%
when processing complex toolpaths in Roughing and Profiling cycles.

5-axis machining expanded t
o support both intersecting and non-intersecting head/head machining configurations.

5-axis roughing
New Multiple Pass and Multiple Depth options introduced in the 5-axis cycle in version 11.5 now available in 4 and 5-axis operations.

New Bar Pull command
for turning enables the sub-spindle to grip the component, reposition and machine it as part of a single cycle. Docking, Move Sub-spindle and Bar Pull now 4-axis commands, output supported on both upper and lower turret.

New Unigraphics® File Loader
loads UGS NX files (.PRT) directly into Edgecam. Versions up to and including NX 5 are supported.

Direct loading of STEP® AP203 and AP214 files
(.STP) into Edgecam now supported (complementing STEP support in Edgecam Part Modeler introduced in version 11).

Edgecam Strategy Manager enhancements
User interface enhancements such as new toolbars and colour coding of nodes make Edgecam Strategy Manager even more intuitive and easy to use. Additional tools allow the user to employ advanced mathematical functions in strategies.

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