Edgecam Version 2011 R1

Edgecam 2011 R1 CAM with Collision DetectionEnhanced Collision Detection

The latest release of Edgecam provides complete peace of mind with further collision detection for both milling and turning including:

  • Tool Collisions
  • Holder Collisions
  • Turret/Head Collisions
  • Fixture Collisions
  • Table Collisions

With Edgecam you can have confidence that your toolpaths are collision free using Edgecam's Machine Tool Simulator.


Edgecam 2011 R1 CAM ModelerPart Modeler

Part Modeler. Edgecam's powerful manufacturing solid modeling solution, has been enhanced to deliver users greater assemblies manipulation.


Edgecam Strategy Manager CAM softwareStrategy Manager

Strategy Manager, Edgecam's powerful automation tool, now has updated and an increased number of strategies included.

To find out more information about how Strategy Manager can help you improve automation within your business click here


Edgecam ToolstoreEdgecam Toolstore for CAM Manufacturing

Edgecam 2011 R1 provides users with the most powerful Edgecam Toolstore to date. Enhancements to the toolstore enable users to merge toolstores together retaining tool, material and job information, allowing for transfer of toolstores between departments or even a differnet factory.

Note: support for multi tools (pictured) available from Edgecam 2010 R2 and above.


Edgecam Composite FeatureEdgecam 2011 Composite CAM Feature

A new composite feature has been introduced in Edgecam 2011 R1, enablling users to collect together their roughing cycles on the same plane to improve toolpath efficiency.


Roughing Cycle for Milling

Edgecam 2011 R1 CAM for MillingThe roughing cycle for milling has been improved to provide users significant time savings in toolpath calculation with benchmark tests showing that some users will benefit from a five-fold reduction in calculation time.

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