Edgecam Turning

Edgecam Turning

EDGECAM Turning provides functionality for a wide range of machine tools, including 2-Axis lathes, multi-turret configurations, sub-spindle turning centres and mill/turn machines. On a mill/turn machine, C-, Y- and B-Axis milling and drilling take place within the same program as the turning to provide a fully integrated and associative programming solution.

Edgecam fully supports all axis configurations from the most basic 2 axis turning centre, right through to a CYB multi turret sub spindle Mill / Turn.

Mill/Turn Simulation Edgecam offers a full kinematic Simulation package. All the cycles and movements are supported along with the full graphics of the machine, tails stocks and steadies meaning peace of mind as the part is fully tested before reaching the actual machine tool. The simulator being a very powerful tool in its own right offering full collision detection including many display options allowing the user full control over every aspect of the simulation. Feedback is given to the user show which commands are being simulated, this will also display which elements of the program may have caused issues. Comparison tools to show the part is machined as expected and correct before outputting to the machine tool.

4/5 Axis Simultaneous Mill Turn machines have many uses and allow much more flexibility and capabilities not offered from other machine configurations. With this in mind many of these have multi axis, upper turrets, lower turret, CYB and Sub Spindles.

Edgecam uses the latest cutting technologies and machine cycles and with this offers 4/5 Axis simultaneous milling options. For many industries this is becoming a must have option on a mill turn machine tool.

Edgecam offers a wide range of 4 and 5 axis Operations and Maximum control in its cycles, with the Advanced 5 Axis options allowing even greater potential.

Features at a glance:

·          Increase machine tool utilisation

·          Reduced programming time

·          Reduce component cycle time

·          Eliminate programming errors and reduce potential scrap

·          Reduce machine tool prove out by graphically simulating the tool path

·          Avoid collisions and expensive damage to machine tool

·          Full support for canned cycles

·          Reduce tooling inventory and stock

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