FactoryWiz Monitoring

FactoryWiz Monitoring


FactoryWiz Monitoring is a powerful, modern CNC Machine Tool monitoring and data collection package. FactoryWiz Monitoring provides a turn-key solution including software and hardware that allows you to receive alarm notifications, view reports, and get real-time status updates and more, through a web browser from anywhere – even a Smartphone. FactoryWiz Monitoring comes with a complete package of commonly used reports, or you may also add your own reports using Crystal Reports®. The majority of CNC Controls for the past 10 years have been fitted with CAT-5 Ethernet and built-in data collection protocols, many of which have largely gone unnoticed and under-utilized. FactoryWiz Monitoring takes full advantage of these technologies. By using the latest CNC Ethernet technologies, FactoryWiz Monitoring is able to provide far more in-depth “real time” productivity and process change information than ever before. Utilizing this wealth of data, FactoryWiz Monitoring can show exactly what state, mode, feed override, op stop, single block, alarm, tool, I/O, program the CNC is in or using. From this data, extensive reports can be easily generated and viewed anywhere through a web browser. From alarm numbers and messages to full Percent of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), FactoryWiz Monitoring can simultaneously collect data from 512 machines at any one time.

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