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Scheduling: Real-Time, On-Demand Information

With real-time scheduling software, your production operations can move seamlessly forward – from raw materials right to finished product. You can quickly view actual job times, operation times, quantities, and status and location – all in real time. You can customize your machine scheduling to meet your day-to-day demands and even add "what-if" scenarios to test your "drop dead" delivery dates, and plan ahead into the future to make sure you're operating at full capacity.

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Manufacturing Scheduling

All active jobs instantly appear on the JobPack planning board. You may use production scheduling by itself or integrate it into existing ERP/MRP business systems.

  • VIEW real-time displays of queued jobs by work center and shift patterns.
  • EVALUATE individual machine capacity – displayed by working and non-working days.
  • ANALYZE work-flow throughout the factory floor at a glance with color coding.

Look Ahead Planning

Imagine how much more efficient you can be by viewing booked and scheduled jobs on all machines for the next 365 days. With JobPack machine scheduling features, your schedulers and managers will know precisely when the work winds down and when capacity is available.

There's no more guesswork about "when we can start the job or squeeze in a hot new job for a special customer." You can ensure real-time scheduling with pinpoint accuracy without confusion or conflict with other scheduled work.

Real-Time Costs

Visualize your costs as they occur with colorful, easy-to-read displays of cost calculations, and projected-versus-actual costs throughout the manufacturing process. It’s fast and easy.

Total Work Load

Make sure that all machines are working to full capacity. You can view machine loading by group or individual machine cells throughout the entire shop floor. JobPack will even give you suggestions on which alternate machines to utilize to get the job done.


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