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history history history history history history history history history history history history history history history history history history
2009 R2 12.5 11.75 11 10.5 9.75 9 8.5 7.75
  2009 R1   12   11.5   10.75   10   9.5   8.75   8   7.5

The Development History of Edgecam

Additional functionality and enhancements are developed with each release of Edgecam software. There are two releases of Edgecam per year. Listed below are the main points for each release since Edgecam 7.5.

Edgecam 2009 R2 - March 2009 

Flat Face features – Machine new feature type with Face Milling, Flat Land Finishing and Roughing cycles.
Roughing cycle fixture avoidance automatically recognises and avoids collision against fixtures.
In Process Stock extended to Roughing cycle in milling.
Open Pocket support in Flat Land Finishing cycle.
5-Axis simultaneous machining enhancements, including new ‘Blend Between’ operation, checking of linear axis limits and new direct approach option.
Feature transfer between spindles – Copy or move features between main and sub-spindle at will.
Tapered Threads supported.
New Rough Grooving Strategy – Sequential Castellation offers best tool life and swarf.
New Rough and Finish Turn operations.
Safe Turret Parking option to return the turret to a safe co-ordinate position and index station prior to sub-spindle docking.
Solid Machinist enhancements, including automatically deleting duplicate features, feature finding all holes, improved feature finding that ignores stock bodies, and cutting angle properties for turn features.
ToolStore enhancements, including support for angled grooving and parting off tools, new Probe tool type, holder-compatible tool selection and F-Distance for Turn and Bore tools.
Safer indexing – Enhancements to existing modifiers and new options improve the safe approach of the tool after an index move.
New Simulator options for the treatment of waste stock.

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Edgecam 2009 R1 - September 2008

5-Axis nutated head/head and head/table configurations supported for multi-plane and 5-axis simultaneous machining.
New Rest Finishing cycle with support for more tool types, quick selection of previous tool and so on.
New Hole cycle strategies: Helical and Back Bore.
New Rough Turn cycle functionality includes enhanced Cut Direction settings, Stock Runout option, Rapids at High Feed Rate and ability to use In Process Stock.
Variable Machining across turn profiles using the Finish Turn cycle
New In Process Stock (Turning) can be updated to show affects of machining on the stock.
New Groove Features bring the benefits of feature based turning to grooves.
Enhanced material selection. Option to adjust technology values.
Associative toolchange to ToolStore link.
Spindle speed capping allows you to set a maximum limit on spindle speeds, imposed within Edgecam.
Enhanced feedrate checking.
Solid Machinist enhancements, including Recycle Bin for features, ability to selectively hide features, non-machinable feature indication and enhanced machining with strategies.
Machining attributes for turn features (imported from Part Modeler) are used by the Finish Turning cycle to calculate feedrate and constant offset values.
Part Modeler enhancements, including surface attributes, stock property for component.


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Edgecam 12.5 - March 2008

New Rough Turn cycle, offering finish pass cusp removal, variable cut depth to cater for ceramic inserts and/or hard materials and improved reliability for Dynamic Billeting.
5-Axis Machining enhancements, including new Cusp Height and Preferred Rotary Solution options, and support for Granite-based solid models.
New Threading operation in the turn environment.
New Feature Finder dialog allows you to find all your required Mill and Turn features more quickly and easily.
Features window enhanced with List view for quicker and easier working with features.
Enhanced Turn features (including new Bore type) are easier and more intuitive to machine and offer more automatic machining possibilities, using strategies.
New Group Holes command to collect Hole features into 'identical property' groups.
Automatically Align Solid Body for Turning.
Enhanced sub-spindle transfer for more control over which features are copied over.
Chuck setup supported by a new tab in the Machining Sequence dialog.
Strategy Manager enhancements, including Mill/Turn compatibility, new attributes and so on.
ToolStore enhancements, including ability to host SQL ToolStore databases on a server.
Probing cycles introduced, to interface with Renishaw Inspection Plus software on the machine.
Part Modeler enhancements, including custom properties for Hole features and new Face Thread feature.

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Edgecam 12 - September 2007

Head-Table machines supported.
Windows Vista supported.
ToolStore switched to SQL.
Prismatic Geometry option added to Roughing cycle.
2D Profiling and Roughing Cycle Times Improved.
Profiling cycle - CRC Possible with Solids.
New Hole Cycle and Feature Type made the Default.
Hole Cycle Hole Pattern Improvements. Allowance for misalignment of rows and columns possible. Improvements to Start Position selection.
Hole Machining Ordering - Closest Next Enhancement.
Pivot About Tool Tip option introduced for Head indexing.
Always Reset Rotary Datum option introduced to avoid unwinding between Five Axis cycles.
Strategy Manager Enhancements:
 - Sub-Strategy nodes introduced.
 - Global attributes introduced.
 - Strategy Attributes introduced.
 - Convert Legacy Strategy introduced for updating strategies based on the superseded,  Hole feature attributes and cycle.
- Password protection of strategy editing introduced.
- Conditional assignment introduced for expressions.
Solid Works 2008 support
Solid Edge 20 support
Option to change the CNC code editor (that automatically opens when you have 'Open Editor' checked in the Generate CNC dialog) introduced.
Alternate Solution option introduced for Lathe Index moves



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Edgecam 11.75 - May 2007

Time savings of up to 50% when processing complex toolpaths in Roughing and Profiling cycles.
5-axis machining expanded to support both intersecting and non-intersecting head/head machining configurations.
5-axis roughing - New Multiple Pass and Multiple Depth options introduced in the 5-axis cycle in version 11.5 now available in 4 and 5-axis operations.
New Bar Pull command for turning enables the sub-spindle to grip the component, reposition and machine it as part of a single cycle. Docking, Move Sub-spindle and Bar Pull now 4-axis commands, output supported on both upper and lower turret.
New Unigraphics® File Loader loads UGS NX files (.PRT) directly into Edgecam. Versions up to and including NX 5 are supported.
Direct loading of STEP® AP203 and AP214 files (.STP) into Edgecam now supported (complementing STEP support in Edgecam Part Modeler introduced in version 11).
Edgecam Strategy Manager enhancements - User interface enhancements such as new toolbars and colour coding of nodes make Edgecam Strategy Manager even more intuitive and easy to use. Additional tools allow the user to employ advanced mathematical functions in strategies.

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Edgecam 11.5 - March 2007

Time savings of up to 50% in the generation of cutter toolpaths.
5-Axis simultaneous machining expanded to support the programming of machines with standard or complex table/table configurations, for example nutated tables.
New 5-Axis roughing capability - Multiple Pass and Multiple Depth options - applied individually or in conjunction with each other - provide the user with greater flexibility and toolpath control.
New strategy in Rest Finishing cycle automatically selects the most appropriate toolpath for steep or shallow contours, ensuring optimum surface finish.
Hole machining enhancements include new Depth type in Hole cycle and new easy-to-use hole operations for milling and turning.
Edgecam Simulator offers significant improvements to the speed of simulation that are particularly beneficial in the simulation of 5-Axis, surface and helical toolpaths.
Edgecam Solid Machinist enhancements include support for O-ring grooves and new Hole Feature properties for better definition of hole termination.
Edgecam Part Modeler - New tabbed interface and customizable menus and toolbars with advanced features such as flyouts and extended tooltips - consistent with Edgecam - make Edgecam Part Modeler intuitive and easy to use, providing a smooth and seamless transition from design to manufacture.

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Edgecam 11 - October 2006

5-Axis simultaneous machining available in the mill/turn environment. Further 5-Axis enhancements include Round Corners option that enables the user to machine parts containing low curvature regions, and option to check against shank offset.
Hole cycle enhancements include ability to machine radial holes on conical faces, automatic index alignment for hole features and enhanced ordering of rotary holes.
Improved boundary control for milling cycles with ability to offset a boundary by a specified value relative to the tool. Maintains associativity and removes the need to create additional boundaries manually.
Separate boundary option for Rest Roughing allows for the use of different boundaries to contain each rest roughing operation.
Edgecam Solid Machinist enhancements include ability to transform solid body and align it to the current CPL for milling. New Open Pocket feature type brings all the advantages of feature-based machining to open pocket regions.
Edgecam Part Modeler support for STEP files.
New Tool Optimisation option ensures that tool ordering is maintained when merging and rationalising machining sequence.

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Edgecam 10.75 - May 2006

New Finish Turn cycle with full support for Wiper inserts. Benefits include variable feeds, speeds and offsets for different elements of the profile; ability to automatically reverse the cut direction to avoid upcut machining; and automatic corner rounding with filleting and chamfering within the cycle.
4-/5-Axis machining enhancements include option to lock the 5th axis to a specified angle and additional gouge checks (increased from two to four to allow greater control of the toolpath). 4-Axis rotary machining now available in the mill/turn environment.
Milling operations (Roughing, Face Milling etc) now available in the mill/turn environment, providing fast and easy access to milling functionality.
Clipping toolpaths to depth removes unwanted toolpath segments to minimize cycle times and increase calculation speed in surface cycles.
Edgecam machine tool simulation - Enhanced to give even better representation of the machining process by allowing the user to specify whether to use a single or multiple light sources. New function to record Simulator sessions as AVIs.
Enhanced feature finding - Additional features for streamlining solids manufacturing. For example, radial holes, defined around a diameter are now found automatically by the feature finder.
Keyless network licensing removes the need for hardware keys to be installed on the server and offers increased flexibility for network users.

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Edgecam 10.5 - March 2006

New 4-/5-Axis simultaneous machining capability includes SWARF cutting for machining variable taper walls, multi-surface finishing with inbuilt collision avoidance, profiling strategies for finishing and de-flashing of plastic moulded components and 4-Axis rotary for the machining of camshafts, blades and rotary dies for example.
New Plunge Roughing cycle for rapid removal of large amounts of metal.
New Rest Profiling allows a succession of smaller tools to be applied in profiling cycle for more efficient toolpath generation, avoiding extra work and time caused by leftover material.
Edgecam machine tool simulation - Enhanced to offer 3D graphical representation of the machine tool and fixtures for mills, lathes and mill/turn centres. Aids visualisation of 5-Axis simultaneous machining, where small changes in angular movement may generate dramatic movement of the machine tool giving potential for collisions.
Enhanced usability - Powerful customisation tools help improve workflow by allowing the user to tailor the Edgecam interface. With the new Transfer option in Edgecam 10.5 custom tools, toolbars and menus can be copied and shared between PCs and users for ease-of-use and consistency.
Enhanced feature finding includes ability to display solid faces according to their degree of slope, automatic selection of multiple faces for Face Feature, new Edge Loop feature and automatic feature recognition of multiple faces.
Edgecam Part Modeler 10.5 enhancements - Create your own graphics, to any level of detail, by representing your machine tool in Edgecam Part Modeler and output the model for use in machine simulation with a mouse click.

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Edgecam 10 - October 2005

Edgecam machine tool simulation - Full 3D graphical representation of the machine tool and fixtures for lathes and mill/turn centers. Visualization of interaction between the machine tool elements helps to avoid expensive collisions and optimizes the cutting process.
New Parallel Lace operation - Quickly creates an optimized Parallel Lace cycle, helps speed up programming and increases usability.
Profiling cycle enhancements - New options to approach below clearance to avoid unnecessary retract moves and to profile prismatic geometry with more accuracy and less NC code.
Improved Face Milling cycle includes option to specify the cutting side (and hence direction) of the first cut.
Edgecam Part Modeler 10 enhancements - New user interface with dockable browser and customizable menus/toolbars improves workflow and makes Edgecam Part Modeler more intuitive and easy to use. Improved IGES import with new options to import BREPs and clean and heal surfaces.
Enhanced usability as file properties are stored with the Edgecam part file. These properties can be displayed or searched for inside Windows ExplorerT, making it easier to organize, find and recognize valuable Edgecam data.
Autodesk Vault integration - Designs and Edgecam part files are stored in a secure centralized location, allowing engineers to easily find and version CAD and CAM data with associativity maintained between the data sets.


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Edgecam 9.75 - May 2005

Enhanced 3D curve profiling - When profiling 3D curves, multiple passes are now available and the user can also digitize containment boundaries for machining.
Enable/disable undercutting - Previously, undercutting was effectively enabled whenever an undercutting tool type was specified. To reduce processing time, it is now possible to disable the Undercut option.
Enhanced Autodesk Inventor support - Hole construction methods introduced in Autodesk Inventor at R9 are now fully supported and thread data is imported. When working with assemblies, information such as thread data and coordinate systems are transferred into Edgecam.
Edgecam Part Modeler 9.75 enhancements- New color options to set the color of component features and faces, allowing the user to capture the design intent by allocating different colors.
Code Wizard enhancements include new adaptive turning template for Index G200 machines, support for multi-level and multi-depth cycle options in Heidenhain Series 200 templates and additional tokens for numeric user variables.
Improved cylindrical stock generation now produces arc entities that can be used as boundary entities for machining, for example. When generating auto-stock, the fit around the part geometry is more consistent.
Increased usability through various new options, including ability to disable auto-regeneration for faster processing, more user-friendly specification of part units and output tolerance.

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Edgecam 9.5 - February 2005

Support for Sandvik Coromant Wiper inserts for turning tools - Achieve twice the feedrate or twice as good a surface finish.
Undercutting in Profiling cycle - Quick and easy undercut machining (using lollipop or t-slot cutters); useful in areas such as the aerospace and automotive industry.
3D curve support in Profiling cycle - Ideally suited for trimming, de-burring and de-flashing.
New Facemill operation - Building on new dialog format introduced in version 9, new Facemill operation with unique graphical interface helps speed up programming and increases usability.
Autodesk Inventor assembly support - Loads *.iam files directly into Edgecam. Edgecam Solid Machinist respects project paths and sub-assemblies and complies with Autodesk data management rules.
Improved IGES import - New options allow the user to clean and heal surfaces, convert BREP solids into surfaces and load surfaces as Parasolid bodies.
Edgecam Simulator enhancements - Improved collision detection and enhanced display tolerance for more lifelike rendering. Improved STL export optimised for in-process stock.
Edgecam Part Modeler 9.5 enhancements - Mouse controls for zooming, panning and window selection have been aligned with those in Edgecam. User interface changes such as display settings and left-hand browser window provide consistency with Edgecam. Educational and student edition now available.
Improved lathe setup and editing for advanced turning allows the part to be transferred easily onto a different machine tool.
Updated tutorials and printed "Getting Started" guide provide a simple and quick introduction to Edgecam.

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Edgecam 9 - October 2004

New user interface - Up-to-date "XP style" icons and toolbars and new customization features improve workflow and make Edgecam more intuitive and easy to use.
Browser enhancements- Provide easier navigation and editing (features include Autohide function, flagging instructions for which geometry has been deleted and grouping of instructions. )
Edgecam Strategy Manager - Easy to use automated method of creating knowledge based programming, now also available for the machining of pockets.
New Edgecam Solid Machinist for CATIA V5 loads part and assembly files from CATIA V5.
New Edgecam Solid Machinist for ACIS loads native .sat and .sab files as solids directly into Edgecam.
Edgecam Solid Machinist - Enhanced Feature Finder for 2D, contour and 3D features. Option to specify single, nested or both types of pockets.
Automatic Tool Selector provides optimum tool selection for feature machining.
Faster Roughing cycle - Adaptive feedrates optimise the toolpath by automatically recalculating feed rates. New Spiral strategy added to Roughing cycle.
Enhanced Profiling cycle - Enhanced cycle offers multi -pass option, additional option of selecting the centre of area for plunge/retract points, lace strategy for shallow areas and flat land detection.
Contact Angles - New option on Constant Cusp and Projection cycles.
Up/Down Milling in Parallel Lace cycle - Controls the cut direction relative to the angle of the surface.
New Operations - New Roughing, Profiling, Flat Land Finishing and Chamfer operations with integrated videos and images provide novice and educational users with simple and quick introduction to Edgecam and increase usability.
New DWG loader - Loads DWG and DXF files from AutoCAD 2004/2005.
Edgecam Part Modeler - Version 9 now uses the Edgecam security key. Additional threading added to drill hole feature.


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Edgecam 8.75 - May 2004

Scheduled security key updates via the Internet - Ensures that customers are using the most up-to-date key files.
Interactive web-based support - Allows the customer to enter a Webex sessions that can be used to demonstrate Edgecam or allow the customer to show an issue he has in the software.
Helical arc output in Code Wizard templates - Milling and adaptive turning templates now support the output of helical arcs generated in the Roughing cycle.
Enhanced Create Stock/Fixture command - Automatically places the geometry onto a Stock or Fixture layer and offers options for setting colour and style. In addition, the modifiers are now modal.
Spindle docking status in Time Line - Improved ease of use through additional display options.
File Preview - Thumbnail images of parts can now be viewed when using the Insert Part and Insert Component commands. In addition, the file preview capability in the File Open dialog has been expanded to include SolidWorks, Solid Edge and Autodesk Inventor part files.

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Edgecam 8.5 - February 2004

New Profiling Cycle - New cycle for 2D geometry, surfaces and solids, offering integrated cutter compensation, advanced start and end positioning controls, full set of corner rounding strategies, and helical profiling.
Enhanced Roughing Cycle - New option inserts trochoidal moves where required, but only if possible. Adaptive rest roughing allows the user to rest machine any roughing toolpath on the same CPL and pick the toolpath to rest rough directly from the model.
Flat Land Finishing Enhancements - Cycle allows the user to machine open areas from the outer edge inwards and supports rest machining.
Check Surfaces - New option in the Parallel Lace and Profiling cycle identifies surfaces or face features to be excluded from cutting.
Advanced Turning Code Wizard templates - Support for sub-spindle and B axis lathe configurations. New adaptive templates.
Edgecam ToolStore - Less input required within the cycle dialog as cutting parameters relating to a specific tool can be stored with the tool rather than the cycle.
Edgecam Simulator - Automatically apply user defined display settings. All display settings now modal.
Edgecam Part Modeler 2.5 - New version available.

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Edgecam 8 - October 2003

Turning now supports sub-spindle lathes and B axis milling within the turned environment.
Improved Parallel Lace cycle - New option prevents the tool from rolling over the edge of a pocket or boss.
New time line - Allows the user to easily evaluate toolpaths.
Instruction browser - Improved layout and technology for easier editing of toolpaths.
Edgecam Simulator- Improved control of fixture movement allows for more of the machine tool to be visualised during the simulation.
Edgecam Solid Machinist - New option to automatically create feature caps.


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Edgecam 7.75 - May 2003

Sandvik CoroGuide – Link now provided within Edgecam ToolStore to the Sandvik CoroGuide tooling guide
Edgecam Solid Machinist - Improved feedback of information during model update.
Edgecam Simulator has been enhanced to support multiple sequences.

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Edgecam 7.5 - January 2003

Improved Parallel Lace cycle- Exclude Flat Areas and Perpendicular Lace options added. Use in conjunction with Flat Land Finishing, released at version 6.75 to provide improved surface finish and reduced cycle time.
Pencil Milling now offers multiple pass option and supoort for Granite and STL models
Rest Finishing - New Pencil Trace option to machine a final pass along the centre line of the machined area.
Interface to 3D Motion controllers - Allows user to use both hands to drive the computer, which speeds up the programming process.
File preview - Thumbnail images of part can be viewed within the File Open dialogue and Explorer window to provide easy identification of part.
Feedback window - Information can now be displayed within a dockable dialogue window and allows the information to be copied and pasted to other dialogues.
Edgecam Strategy Manager - Now includes template file, print option for strategies and ability to add run-time questions to nodes.
Edgecam Simulator - New All metallic display option available.

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