Edgecam for Education

"In the past, CNC Software (MasterCAM) has been the dominant vendor in the education market on the basis of both seats shipped and installed base. However, in 2004, Edgecam replaced CNC Software as the leader in the education market."

CIMdata Report, May 2005

Why is Edgecam the intelligent choice for Education?
At Edgecam, we are focused on meeting the needs of the educational market through product functionality, ease-of-use, flexible software licensing, competitive pricing and the support and enthusiasm of our staff for the important task of educating young engineers.

Range and depth of machining capabilities
Edgecam for Education offers a comprehensive suite of intelligent manufacturing solutions, incorporating a wide variety of operations from prismatic and surface milling to multi-axis, multi-turret turning. It covers all aspects of production machining and mold and die applications, all on a single platform. The flexibility of Edgecam for Education means it can adapt to the demands and requirements of individual programs and curricula.
Edgecam for Education includes a student edition, giving students the opportunity to practise their skills and prepare project work at home or in the library. NC Code can then be generated in the classroom.

Unbeatable CAD integration
There is no better CAM system when considering integration with CAD. Edgecam Solid Machinist is a seamlessly integrated CAM system that is truly associative to the CAD model so that the intelligence contained within the model can be fully used, reducing programming and machining time and eliminating the risk of errors.
Edgecam Solid Machinist loads solid models from all leading CAD systems, including Edgecam Part Modeler, Autodesk Inventor®, Pro/ENGINEER®, SolidWorks® and Solid Edge®.

Easy to use
A state of the art user interface incorporating the latest Microsoft Windows® technology provides fully customizable toolbars and menus and dynamically maximizes available screen space. Users can very easily customize the interface to individual requirements resulting in improved workflow and faster programming time.
The ease of use for complicated operations has led to Edgecam being used in a variety of different industries including motor sport, aerospace and oil and gas.

Flexible software licensing
From stand alone single user keys to network keys of up to 50 seats, Edgecam for Education allows for easy expansion to accommodate changing requirements.

The price!
Because we want students of Computer Aided Manufacturing to be taught on the best product available - and of course we believe that to be Edgecam - we offer attractive educational pricing.

Internationally renowned software
Training your students using Edgecam gives them experience with software used by major companies throughout the world. At present Edgecam has over 32,000 seats in more than 58 countries.


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