Edgecam Support- FAQ

Who do I call when I have a problem?  Contact ATS by email or phone at

Phone: 877-287-2261 ext. 226

Which languages is Edgecam available in? Edgecam is available in several language including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Finnish, Greek, Czech, Polish, Swedish, and Hungarian.

When will the next version of Edgecam be available? There are 2 major releases of Edgecam a year, in March, and September.

What are the benefits of Solid CAD and Solid Machining? Solid CAD and Solid Machining enable seamless transition across CAM systems. This means they are less likely to corrupt data and can easily find features from the CAD model.

How do I set-up communications to my machine tool? If you have experience of machine tool communications, use the Communications Wizard which comes free as part of the Edgecam package. Otherwise contact your reseller.

How should I organize my Edgecam data?
Edgecam data can be organized using the Toolkit Assistant, Job Manager and Technology Assistant to maintain your tooling and job information in an integrated database.

How do I organize training?
Training enhances your skills to program quicker and use time more effectively. Training is based on your level of expertise with your requirements in mind. Training is varied from basic introduction courses to PCI and PDI writing. There is a course to fit every need. Please contact ATS for details.


There are no scheduled upcoming events.


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