Edgecam FAQ

Installation and Licensing

How do I install Edgecam?Edgecam is installed from a DVD.

How do I upgrade Edgecam?To upgrade to the latest release of Edgecam you need to be on a maintenance contract. The 2 major releases a year are sent to you on DVD and maintenance release downloaded from the Edgecam website.

To find out more about maintenance, please contact  ATS at 877-287-2261 ext.223

How is Edgecam licensed?
For standalone licensing aKeyless license is used
For network licensing, keyless Sentinel rMS licensing is used.

How can I evaluate new modules of Edgecam?To evaluate a new piece of functionality that you do not have a license for, you can run Edgecam in Student Edition mode. To run Edgecam in Student Edition mode, select the Student Edition option in the CLS menu (refer to the Edgecam installation Guide for more details).

How do I purchase new licenses or modules of Edgecam?
To purchase new modules, you should contact ATS at 877-287-2261.



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