Edgecam- Solid Machinist


  • Full CAD interoperability. Doesn’t matter what version of CAD software you have, Edgecam will always be able to load the model.
  • As Edgecam imports the pure solid model (no translation) it maintains data integrity and accuracy. Thus not suffering from poorly created, broken design parts.
  • Supports the latest release of CAD industry software - Inventor, Solid Edge, Solid Works etc.
  • Uses the intelligence embedded in the solid model - Speeding programming solution as the engineer does not need to re-check against paper drawings - the information is in the model.
  • Toolpath associativity - design modifications are handled seamless – thus speeding up the manufacturing process. Family of parts can be machine using this method as the part can be simply swapped over.
  • Supports Mill, Turn and Mill/Turn environments.
  • Solid machinist is supported within Edgecam strategy manager – giving automation benefits.
  • Solid model allows “view” comparison software to work where the engineer can detect which region of the model still require machine. Taking the guess work out of machining.
  • Aesthetically better than working with wireframe parts – makes the machining environment “real” and thus easy for the engineer to perceive.
  • Unique associative links to all major 3rd party CAD models, When the Model updates so do the tool paths, reducing costs on unnecessary re-work.
  • Family of parts made easy – reducing production time and cost.
  • Start your production engineering on the component before the model is finished, reducing design to manufacture lead times.
  • Free up engineering time by using the Model intelligence for manufacturing processes.
  • Work directly with the design teams by using the CAD native model removing your translation and interpretation errors therefore reducing time to market and costs.


Guaranteed data integrity

Data integrity is maintained as the solid model is loaded without translation, enabling Edgecam to utilize more of the intelligence contained within the model to generate efficient machining strategies and speed up programming.

Automatic feature finding

Edgecam Solid Machinist uses automatic feature recognition to interrogate the solid model to find machinable features. At a single click, pocket, boss and hole features are found. Within the Turning environment, Turn, Bore and Face features are created. Feature information is extracted and used to select the correct tools and machine the features using Edgecam’s extensive range of cutting strategies.

Toolpath to model associativity

Manufacturing companies are facing increased pressure to reduce production lead times. A major way of reducing lead times is through concurrent design and manufacturing activities. However, the inevitable changes that take place during the design process put an increased burden on the manufacturing department to continually update the NC programs. The associative link between Edgecam Solid Machinist and the original model means that even late design changes won’t affect lead times.

Operational programming

Manufacturing operations are applied automatically to features, significantly reducing the number of keystrokes, mouse clicks and the time it takes to generate the NC program.

Intelligent manufacturing on a solid foundation

With a full range of 2½ & 3D Axis milling cycles and full turning capability combined with seamless CAD integration and sophisticated automation tools, Edgecam is the only CAM system you’ll ever need.


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