Edgecam - Strategy Manager Benefits



Key benefits of Edgecam Strategy Manager:

  • Reduced programming time - shorter time to market and lower cost
  • Eliminate programming errors
  • Increased repeatability and traceability
  • Consistent approach to machining techniques
  • Mundane programming of parts is reduced
  • Allows manufacturing intent to be captured - not just what, but why!
  • Easy to use, programming skills are not required
  • Supported in Mill, Turn and Mill/Turn machining environments

Profit from the expertise of your workforce

Edgecam Strategy Manager does not impose rules or working methods, instead it allows companies to utilize the expertise and experience of the workforce with every part that needs to be machined. Because the interactive process is designed around a simple flow chart, no knowledge of programming languages is required and the programmer can easily create and modify strategies.


Reduce programming time to seconds

Edgecam Strategy Manager builds up a library of machining strategies incorporating best practice to allow standardization of methods and, in effect, to reduce programming time to a push of a button. It provides a consistent application of proven technology for machining that improves productivity and quality, eliminates process variables, optimizes tooling and minimizes much of the mundane work involved in CNC program generation.
As well as dramatically cutting CAM programmers' time needed for repetitive tasks, Edgecam Strategy Manager allows you to incorporate many time-saving variables into your own strategies.

Capture machining logic in a simple flow chart

In addition to simply capturing how a component is machined or recording the rules that are used to machine it, Edgecam Strategy Manager also captures the logic behind the decision.

At the core of Edgecam Strategy Manager is an easy to use flow chart that represents the logic of the machining strategies, a diagram of operational sequences taken from preferred methods and the machining capability to produce a part. For example, to drill a hole, a series of rules is laid down such as when center drilling, spotting or peck cycles are required. Feature attributes such as hole diameter may be used to determine if a tapping or thread milling cycle should be used.

Using Edgecam Solid Machinist, the solid model is seamlessly imported into Edgecam. Edgecam Solid Machinist uses built-in feature recognition to find machinable features and extract information relating to these features. This is used by Edgecam Strategy Manager to automatically apply the most appropriate machining technique to each feature based on the flow chart. Tools are then automatically selected from the Edgecam ToolStore, together with predetermined material and cutting data.

Edgecam Strategy Manager is part of the product suite that also includes Edgecam Solid Machinist, a seamlessly integrated CAM system for generating machining strategies and NC code from solid models.

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