Edgecam Wire EDM

Wire EDMEdgecam’s Wire EDM is an efficient addition to its world class milling, turning, and turn/mill CAM software solution, providing greater productivity and increased flexibility through a single source solution provider.

Edgecam’s Wire EDM CAM solution provides you with the flexibility and confidence to manufacture 2 and 4 axis parts accurately and efficiently. Advanced functionality enables manufacture of complex shapes with irregular tapers with ease.

Included with all CAM systems is Edgecam’s powerful code wizard utility (post processor generator) that generates accurate and reliable CNC code. Simulation of the machining ensures you can verify the cutting process giving complete confidence.

Edgecam Wire EDM

Material Removal

Edgecam manages and automates the removal of waste material and slugs, providing complete support for sectioning and support tags. In addition Edgecam’s advanced area destruct cycles enable complete material removal without the need to create a slug.

Multi Part Cutting

Edgecam’s Wire EDM CAM solution provides full support for machining of multiple parts where different strategies are required for each part.

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